Serra International Foundation

About the Serra International Foundation


The Serra International Foundation was founded in 1951 to assist Serra in fulfilling its objectives of fostering and promoting vocations in the Catholic Church. Since that time, the Foundation has funded a wide range of programs for the formation and training of priests and consecrated religious.

The Serra International Foundation sets as its goal to live as an organization dedicated to those programs that bring to us the holy men and holy women who are the successors to those who followed Jesus in the pilgrim Church. Without interruption, in this way it has quietly maintained its focus on serving you, your families, and all Catholics. It serves the Universal Church by working to financially assist those houses of formation for the priesthood and religious life. Click on The Serran magazine cover at right to see examples of how we fulfilled our mission last year.

Members of Serra throughout the world strive to exemplify our unique vocations mission in how we live each day, through individual acts as well as coordinated club efforts. Somewhere in all that is the call to support the mission of the Foundation in a financial way – through annual giving and planned giving for vocations. We entreat all Catholics, not just Serrans, to help us fulfill our unique and essential mission through their generosity.

Through its grant application review process, members of the Serra International Foundation Board are in a unique position to see and understand the needs of our Church. In recent years, the Foundation board has seen an increase in needs throughout the world, especially suffering and poor areas. The Church is truly growing and we are asked to assist!


What can you do to ensure the future of our Church? Please, donate to the Serra International Foundation now.


Grant applicants: Click here to start the application process. Applications are due September 30, 2022.