Surrender to the Test

Today's Readings

To some of us, it seems, God give more challenges than to others. God only knows why some amble through life enjoying joy after joy, while others, like Lot, are tested.

How one receives the test is probably the true measure of faith. In today’s readings, Luke’s account of Jesus’ Passion shows us the Lord completely in control of and accepting of the events – his farewell at the Last Supper, the agony and chaos in the garden, the humiliation before the crucifixion, and death. Amidst all of this he takes the time to heal the soldier whose ear has been cut off and offers solace to the thief on the cross next to him.

Could we be so unwavering in faith and true to ourselves were we to be put to a test even a fraction so difficult?

“Pray,” said Jesus, to his apostles, and therefore to us, “that you may not undergo the test.”




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Sunday, April 14, 2019