The Scapegoat

Today's Readings

While Jesus uses his identity as the Son of God to heal and send light into dark places, his detractors use their society-appointed position to judge and to hide their dark conspiracy to have him destroyed.

High priest Caiaphas plays God: he believes he has the power to weigh the life of one man, Jesus, against the wellness of the nation. He convinces others that Jesus is disposable, most of all because to make him disappear would also relieve them of the discomfort and threat to their power that he brings.

When their plot is realized, Jesus will indeed die for the good of all, and will indeed carry away the sins of the world – theirs included. But it was not by their doing; it was by the will of God.

Reflection Questions:

In your life, do you play a role which influences the outcome for others?

Have you ever felt selfishness creep into your choices about actions you know will affect others?

What questions could you ask yourself to discern if your choices are guided by wisdom rather than selfishness?



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Saturday, April 13, 2019