The New Normal

Today’s Readings

At the Bethany home of his friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus, Jesus found respite and welcome. In today’s Gospel we find them holding a feast in his honor after the raising of Lazarus. Mary shows further honor and gratitude to Jesus by anointing him with the costly nard oil.

Somehow, after a miracle so stunning it is almost impossible to comprehend, the friends have returned to some degree of “normal.” To see them relaxing at a meal is a picture not only of gratitude, but also of the surrender to God’s grace and awesome power.

Miracles occur around us every day, if we would see them that way. The evangelist does not let us know how Lazarus is feeling at the moment he reclines with the one who brought him back from the tomb, but one wonder: How has Lazarus’ view of the world changed?

Reflection Questions:

When was the last time a “miracle” happened to you?

What is the best way to go forward after being the recipient of God’s saving grace?

Does the world change for you, or do you change the way you move in the world?




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Monday, April 15, 2019