Deeds, Words and Thoughts


Today’s Readings

While some people asked Jesus for signs so they might believe, in today's Gospel he must contend with those who would rather ignore his good works and instead focus on how he breaks the law: he works on the Sabbath and says he is God’s son. For this they would ignore multiple miraculous healings.

The old adage goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Sometimes we make our minds up about a person based on gossip, prejudice, or our own personal insecurity. These days, a single bad review online can kill your reputation or your business before you get a chance to prove yourself.

Jesus challenges us to use both the heart and the head to think critically – to perceive the truth behind constructs and appearances.

Reflection Questions:

When was the last time you passed judgment on someone based on hearsay?

Can you think of a time when someone’s actions were contrary to your pre-existing belief about their character?

What can today’s readings tell us about how we should deal with unfounded judgment of ourselves, and our own judgment of others?


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Friday, April 12, 2019